Friday, 9 November 2012

Making Things New

The dining room was dark, too dark for my liking.

Well needs must and when I get an idea I'm off. The furniture was going to be white!

I'd painted some furniture before in the lounge so I knew it would work. Off to paint shop to get Little Greene Paint - Slaked Lime in Intelligent Eggshell. I love to watch the tiny amounts of pigment go into the pot of paint before they shake it all up in a machine. This colour had just a tiny amount of dark warm green added to the base white.

Now I'm all for speed and if there's a shortcut to something I'll find it, so out comes the sugar soap and hot water. I washed the furniture with a strong solution of this and apart from sanding the table top a little that was my preparation.

I was off! The dresser was first. It took quite a lot of paint but it was worth it. When the painting was finished I picked out details with gilt patina crayons by Liberon and sanded off a few bits.

It was a lot of work but as I started DH (as I'd rather hoped) caught the idea and started stripping the old wallpaper off.

After a few days the darkness was gone and this is how it looks now in the late afternoon sun.

I found some beautiful curtains in a sale and they are perfect. The chairs were recovered in an assortment of fabric remnants and I even made silk paper to re-do the lampshades. It's all rather romantic now and I love it!

This is the other end and reveals what is under the sheet in the first photo!


Friday, 22 June 2012

A Peek at My Garden

A preponderance of pink!

Let's go for wander...

Julia Correvan the viticella clematis is beautiful this year. I didn't prune it at all but I think I gave it some blood, fish and bone in Feb. If you notice the arch in the background this is where New Dawn shows off her beauty.

We go under the arch and

Fantin Latour is on the right. In front of us is

my little cherub and the stone bench. We turn to go through the second arch.

where Romantica clematis, honeysuckle and poppies are on the right.

This arch doesn't have a rose yet but I'm thinking about it!


Look back briefly through the other way and then...

into the kitchen garden

you'll see my little corner where I sit and have a cup of tea.

Zac likes to sit in the shade there too!

Over the bird table in the middle of the herb garden grows St Cecilia and she's very beautiful too, as is Rosa Glauca.

This part of the garden is shaded by

Kolkwitzia, The Fairy rose and a beautiful white Deutzia.

Charles de Mills (on the left in pic) has a nasty case of mildew this year but is still spectacular nonetheless.

Behind us now is the trellis.

More pink roses! Cornelia, Veilchenblau and Eden.

Back through the gate under another arch, a living arch of willow.

I carved this little sign with my Dremel!

We are almost back to the start now. Here's a few we missed along the way.

Gladiolus communis and clematis Pink Fantasy. Centaurea dealbata and New Dawn again.


This is Young Lycidus snuggled in amongst golden oregano. And just to show you I do have the occasional hot colour too here is Candle in the Wind.



Hope you've enjoyed the little tour.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

IPad Painting No 1

Rose Vignette, iPad painting
Rose Vignette

Well I have a new toy which is rather smart and very clever and I'm a lucky girl!

This was painted with my finger using ArtRage. I like the fact that is has the palette and tools on the page.

What a lovely day it's been here in Suffolk. It's a shame I've spent most of it unblocking my kitchen sink drains!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

So Near and Yet So Far!

This little cat was indeed so near and yet the magpie was just teasing him. There were two magpies at first but one flew away before I could grab my camera. They hopped about squawking and taunting him as he climbed fearlessly higher and higher until the remaining magpie got bored and flew off to find his friend!

I have been rather preoccupied with  The Treasure Tree . This is our animated primary resources site. I wanted to get 'The Easter Story' finished, ready for teachers to use this term. Thankfully I did, though it was a challenge to do bearing in mind the crucifixion and all.

Blackberries. Yum!

This seems ages ago now. It's a cushion I made for a friend for Christmas as she belongs to a wildlife group that focuses on the dormouse and its habitat. It was my first bit of proper free-motioning and can you believe I forgot to put it in a hoop and it all puckered up. It wasn't too bad after I'd washed it and stretched it and ironed it!

Spring in a Teacup
I finished this last week. It's only about 8" square, appliqued and embroidered onto tea-dyed calico with hand dyed silk velvet, Liberty print and vintage laces. I'm quite pleased with it.

I'm planning another one using the willow pattern (public domain) which I printed out today on and old piece of damask treated with Digital Ground (Golden). There's just something about blue and white china and I think a lot of us ladies rather like it.

It's nice to be back. Happy Spring!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Heat Distressed Fabric Flower Decoration (Tutorial)

Winter Decoration

So I decided to get creative in a festive kind of way.

You will need:-
White, pale blue or silver polyester organza, (it has to melt)
White panne velvet, (quite cheap and melts)
sparkly tree/package decoration or angelina fibres
cotton buds,
acrylic paint or ink,
heat gun,
fine wire,
bradawl (or something to make a hole),
common sense (safety).

Cut  in half 3 cotton buds (will make six centres) and paint the ends in a nice deep yellow or orange (I dipped mine in pearlised acrylic ink) and set them to dry.


Cut up the velvet and organza into very rough 4" squares. You only need one velvet square per flower. If you don't have velvet just use organza. They are just as pretty!

To make a square make a cut and fold it diagonally to see where the other cuts should be. Organza easy to tear.

Now find a little vase or egg cup. Something that won't melt when you blast it with heat!

Arrange the velvet and organza together with right sides facing up. Put a pinch of sparklies on top.


Place the squares face down over the pot and blast all around the edges and a bit in the middle. (Sorry about the blurry pic). TAKE CARE and leave it a few seconds to cool down when it's done.

Make hole through all the layers and stick the cotton bud through the centre. Trim off the excess stem and give it a bit of a blast on the back. As you can see the cotton bud plastic has folded back on itself a bit. Leave to cool.

All that's left to do is wrap some wire round for a hook.

Paint some twigs with white emulsion or acrylic and place in a vase.

You can try different colours too of course. This red velvet was a different type and did burn underneath. Experiment!

Happy Christmas to all you lovely, inspiring, bloggy  people! x